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The scans published on these pages are displaying a selection of the harder to find records in the genre. All records are original issues, no recent re-issues or bootlegs, and they are not for sale. When clicking the thumbnails, you will be taken to the bigger scan of the respective record with the possibililty to hear a soundclip and read extra information about the specific release and/or performer. These pages are for informational purpose only. Enjoy the tour.


Sir-Prize Cornelius Oliphant Jagg Pause James Duke Tony Simmons
Steve Jones Ray Bennett Jr. R.B. Hudmon McKenzie & Gardiner Tony Jackson Mid Air
Amra Joan Ashe Sharon Nelson BOF Joe Coleman James Otis White
Herbie Carla Bagnerise Patrick Brown Victor Titus Williams Reanna Coleman
Pink Avenue Mobley Gang Gift Of Dreams Clarity The Antilles Steve Myers
Mighty 7 Cash Warner O'Jays Distance Stevie Jackson
Peter Hunnigale Low Rider Funk Company Geno Jordan Lee Genesis Stargaze
Systematic Madison Avnue Gemini Johnny Davis Michael J. Robinson Sesil & Loujon
Hi-Rise O.G. Edwards Prajekt Jeanie Tracy Raven feat. Jocelyn Brown Onstage
Maggabrain T.J. Johnson Asso Charisma Tony Antoniou Boeing
Haley Anderson Guy Cuevas Roy Fontaine Sumy Doni Hagan Precious
Sign Of The Times Elton Harwood Dave Karl Rosetta Jefferson Lotti G Gongs Gang
Kim Covington Karin Jones State Of Grace Bennie Braxton Dr Togo Andy Nelson
Aaron Broomfield Jan Leslie Holmes THS Network Jessie Rogers Fredia D
Fifth Avenue Del Richardson The Cool Notes May Ervin Finesse Crosswind
Hypertension Carl Smith Roadway Korja David Emmanuel Bernice Watkins
Shyy Tony Worrell Black White & Co. Intrigue Billie Jean Pokey Cold
Exquisite Taste The Given's Family Teeroy Morris Kaiya C.C. & Co. Creations
The Real Thing Rare Moods Zest Pat and Pats Zenda Vera Brown
Kim Herte September Barbara Jayne Brenda Mickens Point Of View Starbox
Desi Alfreda James & Billy Ray Can-Dee Zinga Ze-Brass FF Yellowhand
Butch Dayo Engian Bogaz Carol Williams Midnightrats Joe Graham
Aqua People Tranzit Kim Tolliver Starbound Serena Brothers in Christ
Eddy Conard Ago Cubie Burke Starleana Young Flowchart Strike One
Unit Three Nice Mint Kevin Henderson Kim Lewis Leroy Burgess
Thunderstorm J.T. T. Richardson Universe Claude Jay Les Femmes

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